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 Frequently Asked Questions

4. My computer cannot handle your shopping system, may I still order the crystals I want? 16. Do orders ever go missing in transit?
5. How can I supply my credit card number to you without using e-mail or the Internet? 17. Do you ship specimens internationally?
6. Do you sell man made crystals? 18. What freight method do you use?
7. Is there a specific time the site is updated? 19. How do I send a gift certificate?
8. Do you sell color altered crystals? 20. How do you pack your crystals?
9. How can I be notified when you update? 21. Do you do refunds for returned crystals?
10. Do you wholesale to dealers? 22. How do 2 people purchase crystals using the same computer?
11. Do you have a shop I can visit? 23. What credit cards do you accept?
12. How do you do your crystal photos?

General Information

Why Buy A Crystal? Choosing Crystals From This Website
Viewing The Crystal Sections The Crystal Sections Explained
About the Crystal Stands/Bases At Majestic Quartz About Our Crystal Descriptions
Majestic Quartz Crystal Description Grading Key Dimensions/Price/Code Table
General Comments

Customer Testimonials

FAQ Answers

1. Do you ever give discounts on crystals?

As a general rule we do not give discounts as we already sell the crystals at the lowest price possible. We do not believe in over inflating the prices just so we can give discounts to those that ask. We also do not place premium prices on new finds, then drastically reduce the price a few weeks later! Back to Top

2. I have a crystal in my shopping cart, but no sold sign has appeared on the crystal?

A sold sign will only be placed on a crystal once the checkout process has been completed. Shoppers need to be aware that other people could have the same crystal in their cart, and whoever completes the checkout process first will secure the crystal. Back to Top

3. Do you send substitutes?

NO! We do not send substitutes of crystals you may have missed. Also, just for your peace of mind, our system prohibits double orders of the same crystal. Back to Top

4. My computer cannot handle your shopping system, may I still order the crystals I want using E-mail?

Yes! You can still order crystals using E-mail, just be sure to quote the crystal code when doing so. We cannot guarantee you will get the crystal you request as others may buy it using the shopping cart system before we have a chance to read your E-mail. We will notify and confirm your order, via reply E-mail Back to Top

5. How can I supply my credit card number to you without using e-mail or the Internet?

You may phone in your details (0064 6-374-2994) (E-mail us for a time you would like to fax us for instant reply)We will always have a pen and paper nearby for a short efficient call. For orders over $30 we will call you at a time you prescribe. Just let us know the phone number country and state you live in with a time to call (your time). Back to Top

6. Do you sell man made crystals?

No, We do not sell man made crystals such as Austrian glass and such. Back to Top

7. Is there a specific time the site is updated?

No, as we are selling to an international market, we feel it is only fair we update at random times to give everyone a fair shot at the new additions. Back to Top

8. Do you sell color altered crystals?

No! We do not sell irradiated or dyed crystals.

What is a irradiated or dyed crystal? Click here to find out. (This information will open in a separate browser window) Back to Top

9. How can I be notified when you update?

We have a number of ways you may be notified of updates, these include Twitter, Join Us and you will receive a twitter update when we update a section, not every single crystal! You can also Subscribe To The New Products Added RSS Feed (a free service) found at the bottom of our main page. There is also the option of subscribing to our newsletter when you sign up with us as a New Customer. Back to Top

10. Do you wholesale to dealers?

No, Crystals such as the ones sold here at Majestic Quartz are rare and often cannot be found in large quantities. Back to Top

11. Do you have a shop I can visit?

We live in rural New Zealand, so we do not have a shop as such. New Zealanders and Overseas people are welcome to visit us by appointment to view the crystals. New Zealanders will get the joy of paying GST.

We have what we call the Garden of light with Earth Keeper crystals and and other Crystal Masters present. People are welcome to visit this special place by appointment. Accommodation may be supplied by special request. Back to Top

12. How do you do your crystal photos?

We take great pride in the crystal photos we take here at Majestic Quartz. Our passion to share the crystals majesty with you shines through the photos we provide. I sincerely believe that we as a Website go further than any other to help you form a relationship with the crystal through cyberspace.

We use a True Lite light box for our photos, thus banishing shadows!

If course, we can not possibly allow for the different graphics cards and computer screens people have! As long as both are suitably adjusted and are in good condition, the colors in the photos will at least be in the ball park! Apple Mac screens are usually brighter than PC ones. Back to Top

13. I'm having trouble choosing, do you make recommendations?

Yes, on request we can advise on your crystal needs. We also work well with price and size guidelines supplied by yourself. We also enjoy helping you choose gifts for friends. E-mail us at, or check to see if our online live text chat is available ( this option box shows up in the right hand column when we are online). Back to Top

14. I do not see what I am looking for, do you have other crystals available?

We display most of our crystals on the Website. However, we do have other crystals waiting in our update cycle to come on the site. So feel free to send crystal availability e-mail request through to, or check to see if our online live text chat is available ( this option box shows up in the right hand column when we are online). Back to Top

15. Who pays for freight/Where are your freight rates?

The customer pays for the freight.

We pay for the packaging, insurance and freight costs on any base that may come with the crystal.

Our shopping cart also has a calculate freight option (just select your country) which you can update as you add or remove crystals from your shopping cart. Back to Top

16. Do orders ever go missing in transit?

Only VERY rarely. Out of over 4000 orders we have sent, only 0.005% have been lost in transit. Back to Top

17. Do you ship specimens internationally?

As we are from New Zealand, Yes, we ship internationally! Over 99% of our business is to overseas customers. Back to Top

18. What freight method do you use?

We send out orders using New Zealand Airpost, this will arrive by way of your countries postal system. For example, USA residents will get their orders via the US Postal service. Back to Top

19. How do I send a gift certificate?

Please click HERE and read the help section regarding Gift Certificates. Back to Top

20. How do you pack your crystals?

We wrap the crystal in Bubble wrap then foam chips to pad the box out. We use big boxes compared to the size of the specimen. As a result, we have VERY few breakage's. Back to Top

21. Do you do refunds for returned crystals?

If for any reasonable reason you want to return your crystal, you must contact us via E-mail or phone within 3 days of receiving the crystal. We will then issue a return authorization code. The return Crystal must be accompanied by a return authorization number, in original condition, and in the original packaging, with the appropriate insurance via your local carrier. Your money will then be refunded minus original shipping charges. Back to Top

22. How do 2 people purchase crystals using the same computer?

If you have to different people wanting to order using the same computer, once the first person has finished, they need to click on the "Log Off link. The second person will then be able to purchase crystals using their own user id and password. Back to Top

23. What credit cards do you accept?

We can accept Master Card and Visa Credit Cards online currently via a paypal system that does not require you to actually have a paypal account. Back to Top

Why Buy a Crystal?

Why do people collect crystals? There are many varied answers to this question. Here are just few.

1. Physical Attraction: Some people have a natural curiosity for the crystals on a physical level, they may appreciate the mathematical purity of it, or simply just the colors, form and texture.

2. The thrill of the Hunt: Some people start going out to the mines and rivers and collect their own specimens. This recreation is often started during childhood in family groups. These type of people are referred to as Rock Hounds. They have a deep appreciation for crystals and will often swap and buy from other rock hounds to increase their collections.

3. Investment: Some people who have a good eye for special specimens, buy crystals as an investment. Rare crystals will always be highly sought after.

4. Corporate display pieces: Corporations have been known to hire and buy very large display specimens.

5. Environment beautification: People buy crystals for beautification of homes, work areas, cafe's, shops and many more. The beauty of a natural crystal will always surpass that of man made objects.

6. Landscaping: Landscape Gardeners appreciate the natural beauty only stone and crystal can provide, they go for large pieces of Rose Quartz or Garden Grade Quartz crystals. Strategically placed they never fail to impact visually while bringing a feeling of serenity to the surrounding area.

7. Fenshui: Energy aware people practice the ancient art of Fenshi. They use crystals to bring balance and harmony to all types of environments.

8. Gifts: Some people buy them as unique and rare gifts. Crystals often become heirlooms and such. The gift of a crystal is an everlasting gift of love.

9. Spiritual Growth: More and more people are realizing that crystals are powerful tools for spiritual growth. Many experience life changing revelations, profound concepts and conscious expanding moments using crystals. They are valuable tools in the art of self transformation and alchemy.

10. Crystal Healing: As crystals are becoming more mainstream in the treatment of ailments, more people are buying crystals to use for themselves their friends and other people in general.

11. Crystal Gridding: Crystals can be used in energy grids for horticulture, properties, meditation or even crystal healing on and around oneself.

12. Earth Energy: Humans have a electromagnetic system, a chakra system with energy ley-lines, so to, does the planet. Very large crystals called Earthkeepers are used within the planetary grid to do many tasks. People who are the guardians of such crystals take on a large responsibility that only they can fully understand. These people put themselves in line for monumental changes and energy shifts. They do it with love as it is work that needs to be done at this time.

13. Education: For the teachers and enthusiast's alike, Crystals and minerals make fascinating studies in Earth Science and Geometry. Back to Top


Choosing Crystals From this Website

Buying over the net Vs buying from gem and mineral shows or rock/crystal shops

Buying from the shows or shops gives you the advantage of being able to feel and see the 3 dimensional aspects of the crystal. You may also ask and receive an answer to a question put to a dealer in real time, though now with our online live text chat, you could well get an answer from us in real time too! Traditionally, for many us, prior to the Internet, we only got a chance to obtain crystals a few times a year when the gem and rock shows are on or from small retail shops with limited stock items.

Now we have this wonderful medium called the Internet. You can now buy crystals 24/7 from the comfort of your own home, what's more you have a far wider range of crystals to choose from. While waiting a few days to receive your crystal via post may seem like a long time. In comparison to the pre-Internet ways, it is near instant gratification! Getting quality Quartz was once a high effort chore, now it is a pleasure, as we have already done the hard work for you by gathering world class crystals in one place so you have them delivered to your doorstep via your computer. The old adage that a crystal will find you has a extra avenue to find you! Back to Top


Viewing the Crystal Sections

Before starting this process, we recommend that you register with the site by clicking here and filling out the simple registration form. Note: This form will open in a separate window. This is a one off process.

When viewing the crystals, make yourself comfortable, have some of your favorite relaxing music playing in the background. Creating a comfortable atmosphere around yourself and your computer will help relax you, enabling a more intermit connection with the crystals on display.

If the number of sections we have is initially confusing or if you are unsure where to find a crystal you are looking for, then please click here to visit our Sections explained page. We also have a site search engine on our home page.

Browse the thumbnail/galleries page 1st, should any crystal catch your eye, click on it to see the larger and more detailed photos with description. Write down the code of that crystal, or even bookmark that crystal page for future reference, then continue browsing the other thumbnail/gallery pages.

Review, Review, Review

Once you have viewed the sections you are interested in, revisit/review the crystals you had short listed If possible, examine the crystals in more detail, try looking at the crystals in a different order to which you had 1st viewed them.

It is of course important to make sure the crystal/s are within your budget.

Select the crystals which seem to communicate with you most. Crystals communicate to you in many ways, such as giving you a emotional feeling, some crystals seem to stand out more, almost 3D like. Some may twinkle or illuminate themselves in some other way. Others may even glow or make the screen seem to shimmer. Crystals may also come to you in your thoughts or dreams. They communicate in many other ways not mentioned here.

Having a relaxed and open mind helps greatly in making your choices.

Ask Us

Should you wish to ask any questions, please do not hesitate to E-mail us quoting the crystal code in question. We will reply in a timely fashion with a no hype straight forward reply. Majestic Quartz has a number of experts in their respective crystal lightworking fields who are only to happy to help you with your queries. Back to Top


The Crystal sections explained

1. Amethyst Section: Majestic Quartz prides itself in the variety of Amethyst we present to you. No garden variety Amethyst need apply for this section!

2. Rose Quartz Section: This is where you will find a fantastic range of Rose Quartz. From small to large rough specimens, polished free forms and wands, spheres etc. We hand pick them all, even the small rough! Therefore you can rest assured you are getting the best quality natural undyed Rose Quartz available.

3. The Cathedrals Crystal Section: This section has the finest and largest selection of Lightbrary Cathedrals on the Internet. Cathedrals are a rare form of Quartz that form with cathedral/castle like definition. In recent times we have seen Amethyst Geodes described as Cathedrals, you will find those listed under our Amethyst Section. The type of Crystals you will find in our Cathedrals section have been named thus for many, many years. Viva la tradition!

4. Polished Section: We are natural crystal enthusiasts by nature, but we do cater for those that like their crystals refined. We do not buy any cut and polished crystals that do not deeply impress us! We do not buy dyed or irradiated crystals, not even cut and polished ones.

5. Elestials Quartz Crystal Section: Elestials are often called the King of quartz crystals, justifiably so in our opinion! Elestials are special and very advanced crystals that can have one or all of the following form - Have a bulbous appearance. Elestials often do not conform to the usual rules of Quartz crystal growth and can "seemingly" grow in a haphazard fashion. Elestials are often skeletal formation [made up of layers] , this also leads some of them to be Enhydro crystals [crystals with water bubbles inside, some of which move!] Elestials often have etching which we believe to be a universal language read by eyes and touch. These crystals are sought after and used by many crystal workers, esp the very advanced light workers. We have often seen people who are just starting on their crystal journey who think Elestials are ugly, only to fall in love with them as they have evolved into a position to utilize them. Elestials on the whole are PACKED with information. They are true Master Class Crystals. For the definitive online information center on Elestials click here

6. Laser Wands Section: Laser Wand quartz crystals are long and often Tapered crystals. They often have etching on them. Diamantina Laser Wand from Brazil are 7.5 on the hardness scale. A select few of these are Singing Laser Wand Quartz crystals. These Crystals have a pleasant high pitch tone when gently tapped together. Here At Majestic Quartz, you can always find a stunning selection of some of the finest Quartz Laser Wands in the world! You can find out more information on Laser Wands by clicking here.

7. Minerals Crystal Section: Although Quartz is our specialty, We still take our Minerals seriously. In this section you will find a wonderful selection of beautiful Minerals from various locations around the Globe.

8. Metaphysical Section: This mysterious section that is not a permanent feature. It pops up at odd times with a selection of stunning crystals with archetype formation and features. This is Anthony's [the director of Majestic Quartz] personal playground where he puts on a selection of his mouth watering favorites! Anthony also takes the photos and does the descriptions for this section. Watch out for this button when it appears on the menu bar some day!

9. Smoky Quartz Section: This section has a sumptuous selection of some of the finest Smoky Quartz around! None of our crystals have been irradiated [heated] in any way.

10. Treasures Section: You never know what sort of treasures you will find in this section! Prices range from up to $30. We have a fine selection of Quartz, Minerals and Cut and Polished and many more!

11. World Quartz Section: This section has a selection of some of the finest Quartz crystals to be had in the world. You will find items such as Included crystals, they are crystals that have other minerals inside them. For that single reason alone,these crystals are very special. Inclusions can be represented by crystals such as Rutiles, Chlorite and Tourmalines amongst a few others. The quartz and inclusion combine multiple vibrations, harmonizing into a symphony of light. Included crystals are rare and precious gifts from Mother Earth. We take delight in offering a unique and unusual crystals in this section.

12. White Wisdom Quartz Section:This section has the finest quality Milky Quartz crystals around. White Wisdom Quartz Crystals are a key part of upgrading the human consciousness pool. They need to spread around the planet now in order to release their ancient Angelic wisdom, so that it may permeate through human consciousness into the general population. Be part of the solution for humanity as against being a concerned spectator by spreading the divine White Light far and wide!

13. Tumbled Stones Section: We now supply Tumbled stones, but not just any tumbled stones! It is my and Moeawhi's pleasure to hand pick only the very best of the best, from literally a cast of thousands!

14. USB Salt Lamps Section:They generate negative ions to counteract the radiation emitted by your computer. They promote relaxation and helps relieve stress, almost a prerequisite when using computers!

15. Faden QuartzSection:Though most dealers say these crystals originate in Pakistan, they more often than not come from Afghanistan, or right on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. I guess to some dealers it sounds more politically palatable that way. As these crystals play a very important role in this contentious region, there is no room for the head in the sand approach here at Majestic Quartz!

16. Included Quartz Section: Are you looking for Rutilated Quartz, Tourmaline included Quartz or Chlorite included Quartz? Congratulations, you have found the perfect place to meet these wondrous crystals and many other forms of Included Quartz! These fascinating combinations of minerals and quartz come together, fusing two or more energies together in perfect harmonious synchronicity. The quartz itself will balance and amplify the energy of the included mineral, making it more readily available to the human consciousness and physical body. We are very humble and grateful to the Universe and the "All That Is" that has enabled us to share these beautiful wonders of Mother Earth with you. Back to Top


 About the Crystal Stands/Bases at Majestic Quartz

We make bases for just about every natural Quartz crystal and mineral we sell.

The reason we do this, is so the aesthetic properties of the crystal specimen will stand out more prominently. The crystals can come alive noticeably when standing proudly in their stands.

Moe-Awhi uses modeling clay, which being a very grounding neutral energy will enhance rather than clash with the crystals energy.

Often, we inlay the bases with New Zealand Paua shell. New Zealand has the brightest form of Abalone shell in the world bar none.

We do not charge for the bases nor do we charge freight for them. These are just a few more bonuses you get when dealing with Majestic Quartz!

We use white modeling clay so people may dress them up if they so choose. We have painted many of our personal ones gold for instance. We know other people have painted them as to look like matrix and such and they look great! The stands/bases may also be decorated using materials such as glitter, tiny tumbled stones, paint, dyes and many more.

Making the Stands/Bases for Yourselves

If you are a long term Majestic Quartz customer, you may wish to make these stands for specimens purchased from us prior to us making the stands or crystals purchased from other suppliers. Well, here is how you do it.

1. The modeling clay we use is the DAS brand. DAS may be purchased from most hobby and craft shops. Many toy shops also stock it.

2. Using a knife, cut off a section of the DAs Roll it up into a ball between your hands. Place a piece of plastic cellophane/lunch wrap or equivalent on the ball of DAs This will protect the crystal from the wet DAs saving you the trouble of cleaning the crystal later.

3. Now get the crystal and gently push it into the DAs until it is well supported, it will be necessary to knead the DAs a little around the sides of the crystal.

4. Once you are happy with the stance of the crystal, gently pull it out, remove the plastic from the base ant let it try for a few days.

5. Once the base is try, it may have shrunk just a little. Get a sharp knife and gently carve away any DAs until you are able to sit the crystal in the stand/base. Back to Top

6. Decorate it if you want to, sit back and enjoy :-)


 Crystal descriptions

Here at Majestic Quartz we have a real passion for crystals. This is reflected in our descriptions. All Majestic Quartz crystals are hand picked by either Anthony or Moe-Awhi. For this reason, the crystals at Majestic Quartz are all excellent examples of their kind.

In each crystal description we tend to concentrate on to the aesthetic properties of the specimen. At the end of most crystal descriptions we have provided clickable links for further information on that crystal type (Once clicked on, the information page will open in a separate window.) Due to our natural passion for crystals, we frequently use superlatives in our descriptions. Considering the crystals we write descriptions for each day, it is hard not to! Back to Top


Majestic Quartz Grading Key

The following is a grading key we use in the descriptions of the crystals on Majestic Quartz.

1. Museum Grade - No damage what so ever. (VERY rare)

2. Excellent condition - Only minor damage visible under very close inspection.

3. Very Good Condition - Only minor damage visible under close inspection.

4. Good condition - Minor damage visible but does not detract from the overall look of the crystal.

5. Average condition - Has damage, but is still a nice crystal.

When it comes to Quartz crystals, the specimens that Moe-Awhi and Anthony choose for Majestic Quartz, represent less than 1% of the crystals they see. Yes, Majestic Quartz standards are that high! Back to Top


Dimensions/Price/Code Table

Below the Description and photos you will find a Dimensions/Price/Code Table with the following details.

1. Weight: We give the weight in both metric and imperial units. (We do not include the weight of the base to those crystals that come with them. We send the bases freight free, just another perk you get shopping with Majestic Quartz!)

2. Size: We use both Inches and Centimeters. Where we can, we measure the length, width and depth of crystals. For spheres and such, we can only give the diameter. (We recommend you have a ruler handy when viewing the crystals. You may also wish to draw the dimensions onto a piece of paper for a more accurate idea of size.)

3. Price: We show the price in US Dollars.

4. Code: The crystal code is the unique identifier for that particular crystal. (Should you have any queries on a particular crystal, please quote the crystal code number in the E-mail to us.) Back to Top


General Comments

We do not consider a crystal sold until the customer receives it and is satisfied with the specimen. We realize that it takes a lot of trust to order a crystal from a Website, especially one that may be in a different country to yourself. We are honored that over 1000 people have chosen to do so with Majestic Quartz. At the time of writing this, we have processed well over 11,000 crystals spread over 4000 orders. Of those specimens sent, less than 0.012 % have been returned and less than 0.005% have been lost in transit. These figures show that most of our sales are via returned customers. We believe this fact speaks for itself. The Majestic team would like to thank all our current and future customers for showing us this trust. We take this honor of trust in our integrity seriously and will continue to strive to bring you quality specimens that will always be an an investment of knowledge and beauty. Back to Top



The following are testimonials and excerpts of E-mail's from people from around the world that have the same passion for crystals as you and I!


I just want to say I live in America and shipping is SO quick a week. The stones are even more stunning in real life. And they are the right price, no rip off's here. Very reliable you will be very pleased with your experience.
Michelle USA


My name is Jack I live in southern California, many thousands of miles away from Majestic Crystals.

The first Purchase I made was hard for me, I never bought anything over the Internet, let alone so far away. After about 6 e-mail's back and forth with Anthony ( one of the owners) of Majestic crystals, I was convinced that they were a legitimate company and had all the crystals that I really liked and could not find else where..After the first purchase a large elestial (He's not kidding, it was over 60 LB's!, Anthony)and a large cathedral, I was very surprised. I found the quality to be excellent, much nicer then the picture could depict.

Since then I have bought over thirty pieces from them and could not be any happier. It takes only about a week for the shipment, and the incredible crystals arrive at my door. So you have nothing to lose by ordering. The service is excellent, the crystals are awesome, and the price can't be beat anywhere. You will be happy you did, I know I am.

Jack Berenstein


I LOVE the crystals that I have bought from Majestic Quartz!

They are all wonderful healing tools, and are just as pictured/described on the website. On top of that, I have always received the crystals in what seems like record time (less than a week), considering that I live on the other end of the world.

I wholeheartedly endorse Majestic Quartz, and have the greatest respect for Anthony, the person helps run it.

Sincerely, Lynne Hoppe Fall River Mills, CA, USA


Dear Anthony, and all the Majestic people,

I just wanted to send this short note to tell you how very delighted I am with every single one of the crystals I've received from you.

In every case, the crystal is even more beautiful in hand than it was in the picture on your website.

I have searched for, and bought from, many crystal and gem sites on the Internet, and I can in all honesty say that the crystals I've received from you are the best of the lot.

I have, and shall continue, to recommend your crystals to anyone I know who has an interest in these lovely flowers of the earth. I know without any shadow of a doubt that they will be as impressed and delighted with their extraordinary quality as I am.

My very best regards,

Pen Kreps Florida, U.S.A.



Just wanted to say hi and offer a huge thanks for the last shipment of rocks. I'm always so excited to get the box from Majestic and I revel in how much better the crystals look in person versus the pictures. The floater elestial was awesome and so unbelievably shiny. It seems like it is almost not of this world. The white milky DT quartz seemed so gentle as did the chlorite phantom. I've kind of got a thing for the chlorite phantoms.

See ya later - tater Kathy Ball


Hi Anthony, Thanks for your notice. I'm very keen and am looking forward to my second batch to arrive soon. You guys have done a good job in the packing. You shall be expecting more orders from me to come in the future. Though my orders are not a big sum, you're serving me with personal attention which I appreciate a lot. Thanks again. Regards, Koksen Kee


Hello Anthony, I just wanted to let you know that I got the package with the two spheres today. As a matter of fact, they were at the post office since yesterday. They are very beautiful. they look gorgeous on my desk. I would like to express my gratitude for sending them at no xtra cost. I really appreciate your trust. I will order again someday soon. Thanks again Anthony. you guys are for real Sincerely, Jose

Hi Anthony and Moe-Awhi, I just wanted to let you know that the crystals arrived, safe and sound. Honestly, it takes a package longer to get across the U.S. than it does for one to get from New Zealand to the U.S.!! ANYway, i'm most glad they're here, and now i will set about getting to know them.... be well, lynne


Hi Anthony! Cool, the two rose quartz crystals arrived today. They are great! I always find great specimens on your site. Thanks. I check one day after your last update, and find that i miss all the lovely crystal rose quartz :-( Fortunately, you said some more coming....Looking forward to seeing them soon. Best Wishes, aviv


Hi Anthony, I was extremely pleased by my last purchase,and I can't wait for this one to arrive. Thank you - Barbara A. Yanick


I got the crystal when I got home from work 5pm tuesday. It is very nice, well castled (terminated) and good clarity. The pictures on your site did not do it justice. It's nicer then I anticipated. Jack


I am thrilled at the beauty and symmetry of the cathedral. I realize that I have only seen photographs of cathedrals and holding this one is wonderful. The color is equally wonderful. Samara


Hi there, Well the first batch of crystals arrived today, it looks like I made some very nice choices, they look better then I had hoped for so your batting a 1000 with me. My wife really digs the special one you sent her,( I am kind of jealous) its a really a nice piece, see loves rose quartz, and its a ele/cathedral too, wow.... She will finish this letter for me, to thank you... Jack


Hello, Anthony! Just a short note to tell you the double-terminated record keeper arrived today. It is beautiful!!! Now I look forward to the rose quartz... :) Pen


Anthony: Received the order today. They are wonderful crystals. Thank you so much! Carel


Hi Anthony Bradford, I have received the batch of crystal you have sent me last week. I'm glad to get hold of a Elestial quartz that is so shiny. Thanks Ruben


Hi Anthony, Just wanted to let you know the crystals got here safe and sound today! First let me say, I am absolutely pleased! I love the Celestite, great blue color and very cool how it has tunnels with pretty crystals inside! The Rose Quartz crystals are pretty too, they were a little more pale than I hoped, but nonetheless, very pretty and dainty looking. I WILL DEFINITELY order from you again, please post more mineral specimens!!!!!! : ) Thanks for everything, including the care in packaging, these crystals had a long way to travel and your careful packaging made sure they arrived intact. Thanks again and take care...........Lily


aiyyyeeee! it's been so busy here that i haven't even written to tell you that L2 arrived three days ago in fine shape! thanks alot Anthony for the wonderful crystal.... Lynne


Hi Anthony, I just received the crystal - it's beautiful! Thank you! /jen


Hi Anthony, I'm glad to imform u that I've received the rose quartz yesterday. They are very nice. I love them very much. Thanks alot! Yours, Katrina


Hi Anthony: I just love everything you sent me! Thanks for the bridging crystal, I didn't have one. My favorites though are the smoky quartz! They are wonderful! Thanks again! Carel


Anthony I recieved the crystals yesterday. The packaging was excellent and all pieces intact. My wife and I are very pleased with the crystals. Again, many thanks for incredible pieces at great prices! Ken Pesnell


Hello Anthony, Just to let you know, I've received the rocks you sent. The smoky quartz is a classic! Ted Herman


Dear Anthony, Got the first shipment yesterday..the crystals are extrordinary. could not be happier with them. James Riordan


Antony, I'm in love. I'm in love. I'm in love. My new friend, the quartz sphere, is spectacular..everything you said it was. I am slowly drinking in it's beauty and essence. Annie


Hi Anthony Bradford, I received yesterday. Both specimens look impressive. Thanks you very much. Your site looks popular now. Good work! Ruben


Anthony, Thanks, they arrive yesterday. Very pleased. I will keep an eye on your site for other stuff when it comes up. Kim


Hi, Anthony! I am so happy to tell you that my elestials arrived today! And, Anthony, they were all that I expected and more! I am certainly quite delighted and this definitely insures that I will be doing much business with you. Perhaps most importantly, the crystals arrived with a lovely vibration. Without a doubt, they have been "treated well" and this tells me much about the enviornment in which they were handled...and about the people handling them. So often, when crystals arrive, it's as though they have been through a terrible ordeal and one can feel it. Much clearing is often necessary. Yours arrived with a decidedly balanced feeling and I only washed them with a little soap and water and set them in the sun with much Aloha to welcome them. Carolese.


I received the minerals today and they are lovely! I cannot wait to mess around with them. :) Elaine


The second shipment came yesterday and the cathedral citrine record keeper is amazing. Really love it and the amethyst elestial is a very special energetic creature. Unusual energy for amethyst. Love them all. Peace, James Riordan


Well anthony, the crystals arrived today and are absolutely mind blowing! that rainbow hematite-- it just about takes my breath away its so gorgeous...i'm off to hang out with with the crystal folk... Lynne


Dear Mr. Bradford, Thank you so much for the "discount"! The smoky septer is so lovely and handy, and the shape is so nice. Although it's a small one, but it has very beautiful vibration, and it's very clear, too. I love it very much! I just got the crystals from the post office this afternoon but the date of arrival was marked 28 Nov (last Saturday), which is less than 7 days! Rachel


Hi, Just a quick note to let you know that the items arrived in good condition and both my wife and I are very happy with the specimens. I will keep an eye on your site for other items. Thanks again and we'll be in touch. Scott Brennan


Hi there just got the newest shipment. Ill and the cathedral, and twin included... all are great.. the cathedral is much nicer then the pic. you have on the site... the hem. included is an awesome color, (hey Melissa wants it..)and great dt specimen.. the little laser is cool too, anyway thought I would briefly write ya.. talk to ya soon, take care... Jack


Dear Anthony, Forgot to let you know.. the order came day before yesterday. Fantastic crystals... just great...James


Dear Mr. Bradford I've recieved the crystal today. They are so beautiful, especially those crystal points, I guess I'm so fortunate to have a pair of male and female. But the cluster is a bit small as I think, anyway, she is beautiful too. By the way MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family Regards Rachel Hong Kong


The geode arrived this morning, just in the nick of time...It looks wonderful..Thank you so much. Stephen E. Phillips


The first package was received this morning, (12/26). In fact, the little one is so attractive that my daughter immediately grabbed it for herself. We have found out the moving water bubble, it's so interesting. Every crystal is pretty, I don't even want to give anyone out as gift. Thank you! Best wishes to you. Love, Chuchu


G'day Anthony; Just wanted to let you know the Beautiful crystal arrived today..I'm fixin' to head back over to your website and see what else I just HAVE to posses .. hehehe I'll be buying from you again ! Glenn K Graham


Hello, Anthony! The baby-within crystals arrived today! The big one is as beautiful as can be, but oh, that little one!!!! It is AMAZING! What a wonderful, precious gift. Thank you so very much. I can't keep my hands off it. I am going to add a sterling bell cap and chain and wear it around my neck. It's either that or keep it in my pocket, and I'd really rather hang it around my neck. :) Again, many, many thanks. warmest regards, Pen


Dear Anthony, The first order arrived today. Thanks for your help. The Madagascar cluster is amazing, truly amazing. Kerry Boan


I received the wonderful Madagascan Cluster yesterday. Oh my.....what a wonderful, powerful crystal. I hardly no where to begin with it. David Groth


Hi, Anthony: I got the big elestial. It is so beautiful. My family gathered around it and watched and praised. Thank you for bringing this special crystal to our home. Best wishes, Chuchu


Anthony I received the crystals today. They actually came last week but I was so busy that I couldn't pick them up until today. They are excellent specimens! I am very impressed and pleased with the whole lot. And here I am again at your website drooling over more! Thank you so much for making great specimens available and easy to obtain. Happy New Year! Ken Pesnell


Thank you so much for the beautiful crystals you sent me. I can't tell you how pleased I was with what I recieved. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii, and I can't even pick up a single decent looking double terminated quartz laser for double the price that I paid for the two that you sent me. From now on, I will only be ordering from your shop because I know I'm getting the best quality for the price that I am paying. Thank you again very much! Aloha, Makana Yasukawa P.S. Thank you also for your patience in seeing my order through! I really appretiate that.


Hi, Anthony: I just received the included crystal today, but not the "rose quartz on elestial". Is it in separate package? My mother-in-law is so impressed by the big elestial, so she has my daughter purchased something for themselves. I think they both have been facinated by the big crystal's charm. Best wishes, Chuchu


Hi, Anthony: Good News!!! I received the sphere yesterday! What a tempestuous story it tells! I haven't even really turned the pages of it yet, but I am just in awe. The "sailboat on the breaking waves" makes me think of Odyseuss. David


Anthony, Hi, My C2 smokey cathedral arrived today. It took three days. A crystal on a mission, I would say. Oh my goodness! What a spectacular crystal...I am thrilled! Dave G


Dear Anthony, The Tourmaline Wand arrived this morning. Absolutely thrilled with it and didn't expect it so soon! It is very beautiful and has wonderful energies. I'm sure I will use it over and over again with some outstanding results. Thank you once again. Regards Wendy Clarke


Hi! Just received this lovely crystal! Thank you! Rebecca


Hi, Anthony: We got a nice little package yesterday. Wow. Man-o-man. That sphere from Madagascar. Wow. That is one hunka hunka crystal. I am so in awe. Whitney


Hey Anthony, The crystals arrived yesterday and they are fantastic. I am really blown away by the elestial you sent as a gift. That is a very special crystal, quite old and it seems quite determined. :] Thank you so much. James


Hi Anthony, Our first package arrived today, EVERYTHING IS FANTASTIC!!!!. Bill & Betty Ann Fleming


I love everything that has come. The egg is phenomal! David G


Dear Anthony Rose Quartz just arrived this morning. Absolutely stunning, far better than your wonderful pictures show. Very pleased with it - now to use it on someone!! Wendy Clarke


Hi Anthony, the second package arrived today, EVERYTHING IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!. The Elestials you selected for us could not be more perfect!! Thank You Again. Bill & Betty Ann Fleming


Hi Anthony Received the Sceptre Elestial Power Wand this morning. Your choice was excellent - as always!! Love and light, Wendy Clarke


Dear Anthony, I received the package of the clear quartz laser points. WOW..they are really fantastic. I am so impress with their clarity. Thanks again and I hope I will be buying again soon. With Love & Light, Alyn Thomas


Hello Anthony, I received my new order today--- all was really wonderfull! Eileen


Hi Anthony Received the hearts and the cluster this morning. Beautiful, as always! Wendy


Dear Anthony, received the small citrine cathedral i love it she,s very energetic thanks, Marlyn


Anthony, Hi, my order for WQW4 arrived today in good shape. Thanks for the fine service. The crystal is very nice and I am well satisfied. Thanks again. Sincerely, Jim Wright


Hello Anthony, Well, I FINALLY got my package today! (It really didn't take that long to arrive, I just couldn't wait.) I did want to e-mail to let you know that I am very happy with the crystals. Barbara


Hi Anthony, We received the two Madagascan clusters, the Charcoite heart and the rose quartz/tourmaline. They are wonderful. Dave G


Dear Anthony, WOW WOW WOW!!!! It's GORGEOUS! You're right - the colors just blew me away! Pen


Dear Anthony, This is Lee Yan Yin again! I got the Miriam Stone pyramid! I love it! May I have one more pyramid and one sphere of it?? Besides those, what other shape do you have? Anyway, I feel so lucky to have this pyramid. Thanks. Lee Yan Yin.


The Amethyst fan and Brandberg Crystal arrived today !!! Do you (I would assume you do) ever loop/scope the crystals ? The Brandberg is not JUST an Amethyst phantom it is a SMOKEY Amethyst phantom !!!! plus it has small black inclusions and small red ones....TOO AWESOME for words...will look forward to dream time with this one !!! And the MUCH character and so little time...heehee...I shall let you go now ;) Brightest of Blessings Kim


Hi Anthony, The clusters came in great shape. Nothing broken. You wrap all very well-- sometimes hard to undo the tape

, but very nicely protected! I'll be interested in more of the Madi clusters later. I enjoy working with you, Eileen


Hi Anthony! All of the crystals (in 3 parcels) arrived today!! great. thank you. Aviv


Hi! I recieved my smokey twin today!! I am enchanted, It is just beautiful. thank you so much. Kathy J.


Hi, Anthony! The crystal arrived today without damage. It does have a good energy. Thanks again. Barry


I just received the elestial crystal that I ordered and it is incredibly beautiful. When I was looking at the pictures of it before I ordered the crystal, I had not noticed the angel on it. Thank you for that message. Thank you very much!!!! Sincerely, Makana Yasukawa


The Cathedral came on Friday - it is beautiful - very clear and has been much admired . Peter


Hi Anthony Received crystals today. Magical energies. Please thank 'Mother' for imparting some of her energy into these lovely specimans! Think my beautiful crystal is to be used by me before it is used to heal anyone else. Very loving energies. Love and light Wendy Clarke


Received the crystals. Wow! They are beautiful. Thanks Steven


WOW!!!!! WOW!!!!! WOW!!!!! Got my crystals in the mail and I'm totally jazzed. They have the most amazing energy I've ever felt in a crystal. (and I usually don't feel much from crystals). Lots of love and laughter in the light. Kathy Ball


Hey Anthony, I got grandpa smokey and hes just fabulous! Richard


I just got my star-Actinolite included Quartz. I have about 300 rocks and minerals, but if I had to give all up but one, it would be this little one that I would choose to keep. It's so special !!! The best $20 I ever spent in my life!!! Vicki


Hello Anthony ! Just wanted to let you know , I received your Crystal today ( Minden, Nevada ) I really like the included crystal..and looking forward in getting the rutalated one next !! Thanks ! Susan .


Hello Anthony, My order arrived, and the ones I have unpacked are outstanding, very, very beautiful !! Susan


Thanks Anthony! I picked up my latest purchases from the mailbox yesterday afternoon. All is in great shape and I'm very happy with what I got from you. I was also pleased, once again. Cat


Dear Anthony, I received the crystals you sent me yesterday. I love them all. Joe


Hello Anthony, I received the Elestial you shipped -- it's very nice indeed! Thank you, Ted.


Now on to the crystals which where recieved in good condition on Feb 14. I am very pleased with both crystals, but particuliarly with the floater with its marvelous symmetry! The wand is also a wonderful specimen for my collection, very close in size and shape to my other smoky from Montana. They make a nice pair. Chris


My crystal arrived several days ago and I love it!!! Thanks so much! Gay


Anthony, Just want to let you know I have received shipments for WQAF1, I1, S2, S3, and A6. All are as advertised and very nice, especially the Brandbergs. They are special. The Brandberg elestial (S2) is really super. Its clarity is as good as I've seen in elestials. Thanks again. Brooks


hi anthony! it's ivy here, this time to thank you for the crystals and the fast delivery. i'm going home to l.a. this sunday, and will take the two elestials home for my mom...i'll keep you posted as to her reaction... i love the lavender rose quartz, and thanks for the rose quartz cluster! it's very beautiful and has a bit of lavender in it too! anyway, just e-mailing to thank you, and to let you know these crystals are highly appreciated! thanks a bunch, ivy chou


Greetings Anthony and Happy Spring (at least in the states at 8:46 EST this eve) to you =) The Crystals arrived. Always nicer than the pictures show (plus you don't feel ALL the energies from them !! ). Very nice soothing energy for me from the green tourmalinated quartz (gonna be a deLIGHT checkng it out with my loop

). THe candlestick quartz.....oooo what zippiness it has =) !!! Kim


Hi Anthony, I received the crystal order today with my Agate tourmanated egg and the carnelian sphere. They are really wonderful. Thank you for picking out such a lovely sphere for me. Kerry


Hi Anthony Just received smokey lasers for my friend, taking them to her tomorrow. Thank you. Don't remember letting you know that I received my Carnelian Sphere - it IS amazing. Wonderful energies. Congratulations once again on your beautiful crystals. Love and light Wendy


Dear Anthony: The pineapple arrived today. It is magnificent--thank you! Thanks! Bruce Haynes


Hey Anthony! Got my tourmaline today and I think it's very cool! Also, if I didn't tell you, I thought the light green fluorite from the last pkg was seriously cool too!! I really liked how transparent the fluorite was, very refreshing looking. Thanks Anthony!!....... : ) Lily


Greetings Anthony, I just received the order, and there are so many beautiful things it's overwhelming! Thanks, Susan :-)


Anthony, Just letting you know that I received the shipment of the pretty rose quartz and the Brandberg Smoky/Amethyst Scepter. Very nice! Especially the Brandberg. The crystal has beautiful markings and structure not to mention the neat mobile water bubble. It is definitely first class. Thanks as always. By the way, if you do run across another really top quality chlorite light green phantom like you had several weeks ago, please put it aside for me to check out. Brooks


Dear Anthony, I am too excited......give me one second to clam myself.....the citrine point arrived today. It is beautiful. The color is just the same as the photo and it's as your word - sensational. Thanks a million for bring me this. Aviv


Hi Anthony, Thank you for the two crystals. They are gorgeous as usual! You have terrific photos of them on your site, but they are even more beautiful when they arrive! They arrived today. Once again thank you! Rebecca


Dear Anthony, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for my last order. The elestial wand is amazing. I wanted to tell you I really like the outdoor pictures you've been putting on the site too. Sincerely, Cynthia Tooley


I have received the first crystals from you. I like them very much. the crystals i received are the ones in my second order i placed to you. This is the Spanish mail serveice. I am sure i will receive my first order next week. Have a nice weekend Best regards, Ramon Parareda


I have recieved the crystal. BOY IS IT POWERFUL!!!!! thank you so much. Jon


Anthony, They are beautiful. The energy is just wonderful-I could feel the postman dropping them off, knew immediately when they got here (sounds silly, but true! :)

Anyway, I am so pleased with everything you have sent, and could go on forever; but I'm sure you have lots of things to do so I'll stop now, :) I'll be watching for those updates!! Thanks so much, Antoinette Brilz


Wow! I couldn't believe how spectacular the Chasm Cathedral crystal was and just how beautiful - the picture did not do it justice. Can't thank you enough - and I can't seem to put that crystal down cause it is amazing. Everyone that holds it gets something out of it. Guess I'm going to be glued to the Cathedral pages now! It almost looks like a crystal cup. :-) Looking forward to the next update! Kathy Ball


Your site has taken over first place on my computer. I absolutely loved the New Zealand tour! I could practically feel the wind through my hair! OK, well, under my helmet... I recently received my order and was thrilled with that too. I will order again, I just need to figure out how to beat the other buyers to the punch. Thank you for filling an otherwise hectic and stressful day with a little piece of beauty. Best Regards, Heather Smolinski


Hello Anthony, Today i received my first order. I really like the crystals. You are very good at taking pictures and with descriptions but i was very nicely impressed at the sight of them. Thankyou very much Best regards, Ramon Parareda

I received the 26cm long Citrin-Elestial he's magnifique & majestic. Thanks a lot for these exeptionel crystals ,they bring a lot of light , transformation ,evoluation........... André


Anthony, Yesterday I received the larger of the two Cathedrals I ordered recently. It's magnificent! Wow! Thanks for making these available. I'll treasure this piece always. Samara


Hi, just received the laser and cathedral quartz today. Nice crystals! thanks. Lester


I received the second, smaller Cathedral yesterday. Lovely. Thanks. I'm looking for at least 3 more to round out my collection! I'll keep checking the website. Samara


Hello Anthony, Today i have received the orange citrine elestial. It's just fantastic. I cannot get my hands off of it and cannot stop looking at all the faces, edges, color..etc. Thankyou very much. I also want to thankyou for giving me the chance to get some crystals that otherwise i doubt i would have ever found them, not just for the prices but also because here they are not available. I am in debt with you and your wife. I hope one day i can correspond. Thankyou again Best regards, Ramon Parareda


Greetings and Salutations Anthony ;) Hope the weekend finds your weather pleasant and your days pleasant also. Imagine my absolute SURPRISE and DELIGHT when I received my package today!!!!!!.....did the check even arrive yet ? And you definitely were not kidding when you said the Amethyst point was an excellent choice. It is OUTSTANDING !!! I love it when I can feel the strength of it's energy before I even have my hands on the actual crystal (still in the bubble wrap) !! The massage points are wonderfull also...I will be trying some healing work with them (self-inflicted...LOL) to see how they compare to using clear quartz . I went to a crystal healing workshop a couple weekends ago and learned some techniques I want to try with them =)

Thanks for being such a great and reliable businessman...I am never disappointed when I get your merchandise !!! Light Love and Crystalline Laughter Kim


Dear Anthony: I received my order on Friday (it may have been here sooner, but I was traveling), and I wanted to let you know I was very pleased. Thanks for your great service; I'm sure I'll be ordering again! Best Wishes, JoAnne Scalise


Anthony, I received the four very nice crystals you sent me and really like all four. Thanks. Brooks


Hi Anthony, I just got my Crystals and Iam very happy with them. Thank you. Take Care, Carol Fayne


Hi Anthony, the castling cathedrals i bought from you were fantastic in definition! Thanks. Lester


Hi Anthony Just wanted to thank you so very much for the wonderful crystals I have ordered from you recently. They are the most beautiful crystal I have seen. The enhydros are amazing and the phantoms like nothing I have seen. Thanks once again for bringing such wonderful crystals into my life. Julia Crase Australia


Hi, received all the 5 crystals today. I like them all! Thanks! Lester


hi1there, the parcel arrived in good order and no damage...the blakc impressive... good stuff...very nice... Saechang Pielak


Hello Anthony, We received our crystals today :), thanks - they are wonderful and "more" than we had expected. Regards, Joanne Lahiff. Melbourne Australia.


Got the crystal (wow) and rose sphere (nice) Thanks they are great. Steven


Hi Anthony Well my package arrived yesterday. I was delighted with the Quartz Recordkeeper, this has the most defined and raised triangles I have ever seen, I think this is the mother of all recordkeepers, I can hardly wait to work with this crystal to discover the secrets it has to reveal to me. This feels like a powerful piece. The "Baby" catherdal is exquisite, what can I say. I found a beautiful rainbow stargate inside this crystal. What a joyous treasure. Thanks again Marguerie


Hi Anthony I just opened my parcel....yes, C16 is really gorgeous, crystal clear and lots of really makes me smile..and also the rest are also very lovely! Regards Frances


Hey Anthony! How have you been, my package arrived safely, I was a kid again at Christmas time. Thanks very much, they are wonderful as always. Time to get some more! I was interested in: T8, R2, and (2) I1's (star included) both Grade 1, if you have em. Let me know when you can and thanks again. Sincerely, Kevin Amsler


Hi Anthony Greetings from B.C. E17 arrived on the 20th It is awesome.Chris Rehwald.


Hi Anthony, I just received the last order today...Those pyramids are wonderful and the carnelian sphere is really yummy. As is a pleasure to do business with you my friend and the crystals are always wonderful. With Love & Light Alyn


Aloha Anthony & the Majestic Team The postman just brought me my crystals. I am speechless (a most unusual state!) they are wonderful and exceed my expectations. Your photos are excellent but the crystals, in reality, are AWSOME and powerful too.

Pam Haley


The enhydro arrived fine (actually much faster than I expected) and is great. I'm up to 4 bubbles so far. thanks, john


Greetings Anthony, The Crystals arrived today and as usual were very happy and eager to be OUT of the plastic straight-jackets they must endure for the trip . I am delighted with the citrine...I have nothing comparable either in color, shape or size...very nice adition to the family =) The quartz scepter has lovely energy...very spunky =) ...My fav is the cute little Smokey/Ame/Enhydro about a mouthful ;) Somthing about it makes me keep picking it up. Thanks again and Rianbows of Happiness to your week !!!! Kim


My second order arrived today. They are wonderful! I am having such fun getting to know each one. Thank you for the extra little scepter and star actinote. The 'star' looked so drab until I ran them under water and put them to bask in the sun. They 'woke up' looking charming and so distinctive! They make me smile. Aloha, Pam


Hi Anthony, Both two boxes arrived yesterday. I am so grateful. As I am typing this letter, the Elestial wand floater is lying on my lap like a little alligator. The red Elestial is in deed the wine red when the light goes through it. And the color of the Green/Gold Citrine, ah..........! I love especially the Green Tourmaline from your private collection. It has beautiful straight lines and the breath taking green under the light. Warm Regards, Chuchu


Hi Anthony, I received my sceptre's today. Yum, I like them very much :-), Thanks a bunch. regards, Joanne.


Hi Anthony, Recieved the large cathedral today and very happy with it! Thanks a lot! Please let me know if you have any tall castling cathedral (height much more than width) in excellent condition, clear and shiny. Thanks again. Lester




I've received all the Diamantinas that you sent, and they are simply amazing.........thank you!! I can't decide which I like the best, so I just keep playing with all of them. Thanks again for all you do, Regard, Kerry


I received the Green Gold citrine, the white chlorite phantom and the strawberry quartz phantom the other day. You know that Green Gold citrine is really sublime, I just love it, I mean who doesn't love citrine - but I think this stuff is really special. That strawberry quartz is really something too! I'm having loads of fun acquainting myself with these new friends :-) Anyway thanks again. Until then, take care Joanne.


Hey, Anthony Bradford at Majestic Quartz! I just want to say how glad I became when I received the 2 crystals :-) Love Charlotte


WoW WoW and double WoW - that green-gold citrine elestial is more then amazing. I have not felt energy from a xtal like that in a long time. I worked with it Friday and Saturday, and inparticular the changes are astounding. I have made changes (easily) over the weekend, that I have been resisting making for years. This xtal showed up at the right time. Marguerite


Dear Anthony, just wanted to thank you for the last crystal you sent to me. It was stunning. The other things I've gotten from you have been great but this guy really blew me away. Also, thank you for sending it so quickly. Sincerely, Cynthia Tooley


Dear Anthony, I received my order in good condition today and all I can say so far is AWESOME!!!!!!and again AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I will find more words as time goes on. Thank you so much for your excellent service. Blessings Sharon


Hi Anthony Well I received both of my packages....and guess what, I love those crystals. Chas loves his little green-gold catherdal, you are right, it is a beauty. Thanks Marguerite


I welcomed my new Cathedral to California this morning. Wow. It's a whopper. Makes me want to get more and more of them (and I will). My now 4 Cathedrals make such an appealing and powerful arrangement on my altar and I want to thank you for making pieces like these available to all of us who are interested around the world. Many years ago I could go into stores in Los Angeles and find such pieces but those days are gone. I'm glad to be able to continue to add to my collection so readily. Thanks for all the work you're doing. I appreciate it. Samara


Thanks for the 2 wonderful citrine crystals which arrived safely today, they are incredible and well worth the price. The large one looks beautiful on a light box. Might want to check out some clear quartz generators (polished) in the next few weeks... NZ looks incredible too, I liked the pics. Keep up the good work, just wanted to say thanks! Anna Scholey


Hello Anthony: Well, you outdid yourself -- you had me practically rolling on the floor with your letter and this "child of the light" says thank you to the "good Majestic fairy"

I have to tell you that the Amethyst Laser cluster I received today made quite a hit at work so I decided to keep it on my desk because it is such a joyous little friend and appreciated by my coworkers. It also looks great on the wood base. Thanks for sharing your great sense of humor! Barbara


Dear Mr.Bradford. Hello! They have arrived!! And they make me very happy.Being surrounded by them is beyond description... And I really thank you for making the percel regi stered.Thank you.:-):-) I can't find any word to descrive what I feel. Once again Thank you very much. Kindest Regards Akiko Tokuda


Thanks for the gorgeous (as usual) citrine! Thanks once again, Rebecca Jacob p.s. enjoyed the virtual tour of NZ! Rebecca


Hello Anthony, I have received my order today. My expectation was great because i hadn't seen most of the crystals in this shipment. They are wonderfull all of them i don't even know which one to look first. Thankyou very much. My friend received his crystals last friday. He likes them very much both of them but specially one he sais it's just awesome. Thankyou very much again for everything Best regards, Ramon Parareda


Hi Anthony, I can't thank you enough for the crystals. The citrine with black tourmaline crystals is absolute magic We've become inseparable. I haven't totally sat down with the rose quartz on elestial and green tourmaline yet, but when I pick it up it giggles. It was such a thrill receiving a package form New Zealand. After I received your email I turned the television on the travel channel and there was an hour special on New Zealand. Ya gotta love it--this cosmic connection stuff!!!!! Love, Light & Laughter DyJahna


Dear Anthony, Your parcel have arrived on Saturday. I like to take this chance to thank you for all the beautiful specimens I have got from you. I really love them. I'm also impressed with your web site as it keeps improving, getting better and better, please keep up with your good work. Cecilia Ma


I am enjoying the two laserwands recently purchased from you. The quality is outstanding. I am very glad I found your site on the internet. Looking forward to your response. Bill


Dear Anthony, I received the order including the carnelian egg, ruby sphere and enhydro elestial. Again, all I can say is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for making such exquisite crystals available and for giving such excellent and honest service. Please send the two pieces in my holding box--kunzite and cluster from India. Blessings, Sharon


It was a festive atmosphere at Microengineering last night as three boxes from NZ were in my office and a big box on a pallet in my lab!! Needless to say I am delighted with the new family members and will be spending lots of quality time with them. Besides the power and glory of the big one, the clusters from the Himalayas, tourmalines, kyanite, and the lovely citrine cut-and-polished are all really great. Best Regards, Brad


It always amazes me to actually get the crystals cause they are usually better than they look on camera. Almost always.. a lot bigger than I expect. Kathy Ball


Anthony Hi! Received 3 boxes in the mail today. Everything is very beautiful. I couldn't be happier! You have already gone above and beyond. I really appreciate all you've done for me. Tam


Dear Mr.Bradford, Hello. Today I received the two huge crystals. I feel they are very special ones. On the huge smoky's surface,there are some "children". There are rainbows here and there on this smoky. I take pleasure in looking for and gazing at them. The laser also has rainbows inside of it. They are glittering under the light. Thank you for these incredible excellent quartzs! Thank you for taking time. Sincerely Akiko Tokuda


Greetings Anthony, The crystals arrived today =) and as always they are WONDERFULL !!!! The chlorite included cluster is very awesome (not the the smokey isn't but I really get drawn to the unusual for some reason. Have a Wonder-Full week and brightest of Blessings Kim


Hi Anthony and Kukura! I received your last shipment of crystals today and as usual, they are beautiful and in great shape. Thanks so much! Have a wonderful week! Karol Olten :O)




Dear Anthony, The amethyst cathedral arrived just now and I wnat to share with you the exquisite joy which I feel upon our reuniting. I felt the energy from this crystal through the packaging and while I was carefully unwrapping it, I could feel the joy, excitement, and thrill growing as I got through the various layers. When I held her, I cried with shear joy!! Thank you so much for being the conduit for this joyful reunion. Gratefully, Carol


Dear Sir, I have just received my order, they are beautiful. If you get any rutilated kunsite in the future, please kindly let ne know, I would like to order one. Thank you. Cheers, Karen


Hello Anthony, Just a note to let you know I received the crystals...they are even more wonderful in person. :) Your website and company has been everything my friends said it was and I look forward to treasure hunting on a regular basis. Have a great weekend. Kathy Mullen


hi there wanted to let u know i got the smokey plate today:} i wanted to say its even better than the picture was! it is now offically the nicest piece of smoky i have thank alot! amy


Anthony, they're BEAUTIFUL!!! They arrived yesterday, I opened them immediately and visited with them the rest of the evening. The Gold/Green Citrine just blows me away. Take care, Love and Light to you and your family, Cat


Hello Anthony You must be magic. The crystals are incredible. Thanks Love Steven


Anthony, I received my charged crystals today. I want to thank you so much. Each one is beautiful and special in it's own way. I can feel the power and will treasure them. Thanks, Tam


Hi Anthony! Just wanted to let you know that I received the beautiful Elestial that I ordered.....along with the surprise...the most precious Rose Quartz Elestial! THANK YOU SO MUCH! They are both beautiful and have blessed my life already!! I have been sleeping with the Rose El every night! It softens the energies of my Boji pair that I also sleep with!! My heart is much softer and lighter because of it! ;) May those blessings return to you 10,000 fold, dear friend! I look forward to our continued friendship and business transactions in the future! Love, Light and Reiki Rainbows! Terry (achello)


Hello Anthony, The tourmaline is really nice. The luster is just right. It has a totally different "feel" to it than the large black one I got from you. Someday, after I get used to this new one, I'll look for a big pink one to be its companion. Thank you much, Ted.


Hello Anthony, I received shipment yesterday :-))) It has really been worth waiting all this time. All of them are awesome and wonderfull, it will take me several days to take a close look to everyone of them. I thankyou very much for the ones you have chosen for me, i specially like them. Thankyou again for everything Best regards, Ramon Parareda


Hello Anthony: I wanted to let you know that I have received all of my crystals and they are as beautiful as expected. I'll be checking out your site and ordering more, I'm sure. Take care. Terri Osborne


Dear Anthony, I received the order with the two lasers in it and they are truly awesome. I am very pleased. Did you send the next order with the amethyst elestial and some smaller crystals? Thank you for your fine service and great crystals. Blessings, Sharon


Thank you very much for sending my order so quickly! Everything arrived safely and I absolutely LOVE every single piece. That ulexite wand is a wonder! Carel Schmidlkofer


Dear Anthony, I recievedthe 2 crystals. They are beautiful.I'am very impressed! I will soon be purchasing more. I Like the double terminated elestials and clear quartz peices. Thanks alot and have a great day. Larry Daniel Carter Jr.


Thanks very much and if I hadn't told you yet, I wanted to thank you for the kyanite, it is the most amazing piece I have ever seen, and probably 5 times the size of any available here. Jules


Hi, My crystals (I3 and powerwand) just arrived. They are perfect! I love them! Thanks! /jen


Dear Anthony and the team, Wow I am so surprise that the speed of your service and the quality of the crystal clusters. I love it! Thank you very much! I am sure I would spend a lot of time to hunt my crystal on your web pages. All my colleagues like my new clusters too! Regards, Anthony Choy


Dear Mr.Bradford, Hello. The two rose quartz has arrived.They took my breath away! They are so beautifull. They also show me nice rainbows here and there.I'm happy! Thank you for taking time. Akiko Tokuda


Dear Anthony! What timing! I received the order. And I can't even begin to tell you the excitement and the thrill OF IT ALL!!!!!! That package was 10X better than Christmas!!!!!!!! ANYWAY, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU............. Happy Hunting.......... My best, Teri Hassell


Greetings Anthony: I am blown away, at a loss for words and filled with gratitude and joy!!! Yes, the Ancient One arrived and I think a lifetime will not be enough to glimmer all it has to offer! There is so much to see Peace, Love and Raptures of Light!!! Barbara


Hi Anthony Just wanted to let you know the order arrived yesterday. I love the blue cap tourmaline and my daughter Kim loves the blue/green aqua. Now about that spectacular black tourmaline, it is so awesome. I just love it. Thanks for picking out a real beauty. M.............


The crystals has arrived, They more beautiful than on the picture, Thank You Very Much, Artanto


Dear Anthony and team, I got the last order this morning. 4 items. Lovely! Thank you for the speed and quality service. Regards, Anthony Choy


Dear Anthony, i wanted to write and tell you that I'am pleased with all of the items that i have purchased. the quality is great. And the service to. i was looking at one of the last double terminators that i bought, and on the crystal on some areas were triangles on the crystal. is that part a record keeper area on the crystal? has a great day. Danny Carter Jr. USA!


Anthony, thanks again for the beautiful crystal that just arrived yesterday ! Quite a remarkable piece . I'll stay in touch with you . Stay well . MARK BOGACKI


Hi Anthony, We just received a shipment from you. It is WQW8, Quartz Cluster with ice clear laserwand crystals around the base, with the green chlorite included quartz crystal matrix. It is absolutely phenomenal! John & Ruth


Hi Anthony, Thanks for your crystals and stands. We hv received. They are very nice and no regrets. Thanks and regards Polly


Hi Anthony, I went to post office during lunch hr., I got the green phantom crystals already. Thank you. They are more beautiful than I expected. Expecially the 2.2kg one, it's really awesome. The other 3 small one are also very nicely fitted with layered phantom. I'm very glad to have them. Thanks and best regards ! Pandora.


Hello, My crystals arrived yesterday(11-24-99) ..they are all as described or better ..thank you .... The Clear Quartz with bridging (Met5) stunning... Your packaging is excellent . Thank you ...and I'll be checking your site often is a pleasure to find folks like you . Thanks again Steve Smith


Thanks Anthony. I got the box of 11 pieces last night and what a treat!! That's the clearest apophyllite I've ever seen. Best, Brad


Hi! Just wanted to let you know that today I received the package of crystals that I ordered. You did a wonderful job making sure my new treasures would not be damaged during their journey! Very impressive! I was totally awed by the quality of the crystals that you sent me. The rose quartz oblisk was enormous and I loved the rainbow it contained. It's going to be a gift for a dear friend who is very ill, and I know she'll love it! Also, I found the colors in the fluorite wand to be breath-taking! And the 'crystal with baby' is so clear and larger than any of the crystals I have already. But--- especially--- I was most thrilled with the quartz cluster piece that you sent me! Every crystal is so perfectly formed and the cluster shape is indeed exquisite! I can't tell you enough how thrilled I am with my order! Sincerely, Denise Brown


All of the items have arrived in good order. The big scolecite just arrived yesterday. It appears to have been inspected by US Customs on it's way but other than a few loose scolecite crystals (not many at all) the specimen arrived in great shape. It is a great specimen given it's size and the quality/quantity of the apophylite/scolecite etc. I hope to never move it much, except perhaps to a museum. Thanks Scott

Dear Quartz Enthusiasts,

There is a website on the Internet that you don't want to miss. It is a well kept secret that I just happened to find while looking through "Bob's Rockshop". It is called "Majestic Quartz" and is owned and operated by Anthony Bradford.

Being homeported in New Zealand might seem to be a little out-of-the-way, but this site is worth exploring. The pictures of the different specimens and accompanying descriptions are accurate and honest.

I have ordered a number of quartz specimens from Anthony with nothing but quick service and satisfaction to show for it. His prices are very reasonable as well. Where else can you find well defined rose quartz crystals at a price in line with smoky and quartz crystal.

There isn't hardly a day that doesn't go by that I don't check to see what Anthony has added to his inventory. If you like well defined, unique, top quality quartz, give him a try. You won't be sorry.

drop me a line (e-mail) and let me know how you like it!

Brooks Britt (satisfied customer #1)


Dear Anthony, and all the Majestic people,

I just wanted to send this short note to tell you how very delighted I am with every single one of the crystals I've received from you.

In every case, the crystal is even more beautiful in hand than it was in the picture on your website.

I have searched for, and bought from, many crystal and gem sites on the Internet, and I can in all honesty say that the crystals I've received from you are the best of the lot.

I have, and shall continue, to recommend your crystals to anyone I know who has an interest in these lovely flowers of the earth. I know without any shadow of a doubt that they will be as impressed and delighted with their extraordinary quality as I am.

My very best regards,

Pen Kreps Florida, U.S.A.


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