Feng Shui and Crystals by Beverly Hlavka

Baby boomers are searching for ways of staying healthy, becoming centered and quieting the “noise” of everyday stress around them. As they age, they know how important it is to keep their energy up and feel balance and harmony so they do not become sick. Feng Shui “the gentle art of placement” is a wonderful tool for achieving peace and calm in a particular room, home, business or with self. Feng Shui is also used to support us with goals. The principles of Feng Shui work with energy in a space. Clients would say to me that they felt drained, burned out, stuck in the mud and so on. These are clues about what is happening in a space from an energetic viewpoint and how that energy is making them feel. In Feng Shui, there are many tools available to slow or speed the energy of an area. These tools are used to enhance the nine areas of life according to the bagua. The areas include wealth, partnership, fame, creativity, knowledge, helpful people, health, career and family. As an example, if a person wants more money to come into their lives, the wealth area of the home or business would be addressed in some way using a specific tool. We are all made of the same energetic stuff so it is possible for us to ask these “tools” to support us with a goal. Some basic items used to adjust the flow of energy or support us in life include water fountains, wind chimes, flags, essential oils, crystals, mirrors, colors and more. The elements of water, earth, metal, wood and fire also come into play to adjust energy.

Crystals are particularly beautiful and effective when it comes to adjusting the energy of a space, or enhancing an area. The round faceted crystals are very common in Feng Shui and are used for a variety of things. The rainbow colors they display when the sun strikes them are a wonderful benefit. Try hanging a crystal from the ceiling at the top of stairs. Crystals circulate energy around them and can lift the energy from the bottom of the stairs. This lessens the constant “up and down” motion of the energy and it is less draining. Natural crystals and minerals from the earth are also ideal as tools in Feng Shui. A rose quartz crystal placed in the partnership area of a home calls a life or business partner into your life. Quartz is of the earth, and the partnership area is the earth element. Adding the rose color, which is the color of partnership, is an extra plus. Crystals carved into the shape of a heart are beautiful and speak of love because of the heart shape. Place two of your favorite crystals in the partnership area, as there are always two in a partnership. The heart is also a good choice for the very center of the home. Your home has a heart just as you do, so when you honor the heart of the home, you honor your own heart. You can see how using the colors and elements and shapes of the nine areas of life can benefit everyone. Amethyst geodes are perfect for the wealth area. The color of the wealth area is purple so the dynamic form and coloration of amethyst is wonderful in this area. Amethyst is a semi-precious stone, so this also reinforces the idea of wealth and abundance. Many colors of natural crystals and minerals can be used in every area of the home or business. The following are the areas of life and the corresponding colors so you will know how to pick out a crystal for your goals.
Yellow for the health area, center of the home and the element of wood, citrine crystals are ideal.
Blue for knowledge, lower left corner of the home and the earth element. Choose any quartz because it is of the earth.
Black for career, lower center of the home and the water element. Try snowflake obsidian in this area.
Gray for helpful people, lower right of the home and the metal element. Smoky quartz is a good choice here.
Green for family, middle left area of the home and the element of wood and aventurine is beautiful here.
Purple for wealth, far left corner and the element of wood. Amethyst is a good choice.
Red for fame and reputation, far center and the element of fire, great for candles
Pink for partnership, far right corner and the element of earth
White or clear for creativity, center right of the home and the element of metal. Clear quartz works well here.
Work with crystals, candles, minerals of the earth and items you like having around you. Follow the nine areas of life and experiment with them for reaching your goals.

Beverly Hlavka is a certified Feng Shui consultant, Aromatherapist and freelance writer. She provides ideas regarding Feng Shui products, decorating ideas and tips for consumers to enhance every area of life. Her many articles can be found online.

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