Intuitional Healing


I learnt the true meaning of this when I went to a workshop held by a World renowned healer and a Russian scientist! It was supposed to be on radiation(The healer had worked with the Chernobyl victims and the scientists had studied him!) It turned out to be more about healing which suited me fine anyway. The healer told me a story which went like this.... Before he was a healer he was a film director. He was in the United States filming a documentary. They were interviewing a genuine American Indian Shaman, The cameraman had a bad cough that day and because they were using a rare size of film it was getting very costly to stop and rewind every time the cameraman coughed. The Shaman started to look around, then spotting a tree he went over and pulled a single leaf from it, He passed this to the camera man to chew on. Sure enough the cough disappeared, so our future healer says to the shaman "Ahh so the leaf of that tree stops coughing"? to which the Shaman replied "No, THIS leaf will heal THIS man at THIS time".

After hearing this story, I began to grasp what intuitive healing is all about. I decided that was the path I personally wanted to take. I have stopped analyzing why the crystals work and thus gained a more intermit relationship with them. The main thing is not to have any preconceived ideas and just do what comes to mind.

Give your intuition a chance by not having any preconceived ideas regarding what relationship you may have with an individual crystal. I know it is tempting to read a crystal book and make a "shopping list", then expect to check off your list of ailments and personal growth goals as you work with each crystal. In reality, each crystal is a unique individual, as are you. So when you put yourselves together, there will always be unique opportunities to CO-create together, opportunities that may have potentially been blocked should you have had any preconceived ideas! I recommend that after working with a crystal for a period of time, and should you get curious, go ahead and pick up that book! lol If you cannot help yourself and read up first, try to store the information as possible outcomes only and try not to limit yourselves to just the information presented in the said book, that goes for the crystal information pages on this site too.

Having trouble interpreting and identifying your intuition? Relax, I did too and there are tools out there to help you get in touch with your intuition. One of the handy techniques I used was to observe my self when it came time to make judgments or decisions. The first thing that pops into your mind is usually your intuitive feeling, then your logical side will come in and pick apart your 1st impression and replace it with another more "logical" decision! I kept a list, Did I follow my intuition, yes or no? If yes, was it the right decision? If No, I went with "logic", was it the right decision, yes or no? Generally most people find there intuition is about 80% correct and their logic works out around the 55% to 60% region. I think of the 20% error rate in the intuitive process is a gift from the all that is, the gift of a learning experience!

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