Crystal Healing FAQ



I take time here to answer some commonly asked questions.

Q. Will crystals transmit negative as well as positive energies?

A. Crystals are tools (like a knife which could be used to cut your daily bread or commit a crime) so therefore yes they will transmit both positive or negative energies. Take time to reflect on what has happened to those that have worked with negative energy in the past. When working with a Light Energy it is more conducive to project positive intent.

Q. Will the crystal project my every thought?

A. No it does not. You need to direct your intent before the crystal will respond.

Q. What is manifestation?

A.Look at any man made object, that object started as a thought from in somebody's mind. They then attracted the necessary resource to transform that idea into a 3 dimensional object (We along with everything else on and including the planet is manifested from the Higher sources vision), so therefore it is our vision and intent combined with passion that fuels manifestation.

Q. What is the story with buying crystals for one’s self and others.

A. There is no such thing as "bad luck" whether buying for yourself or others. When buying for yourself, if you are attracted to it and can afford it, buy it. If you are choosing it for another, think about or visualize the other party while your looking, when you see a crystal that you like or it sparkles, sings or displays any other positive signs, that will be good for the other party.

I will attempt to answer any Queries you may have?

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These are just a few of many ways to interact with crystals. I must emphasize that crystals are not complicated to work with. If what you do feels is right for you. Crystals are flexible tools that will mold themselves to work with your individual consciousness. Remember, even if "your" method contradicts what you have read in a book or what a friend has said, YOU are the best judge on what works best for you as it is your own intuition that will cause you to "like" the crystal. Never doubt this.

May the gifts of Peace & Understanding be yours.

Anthony Bradford

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