Sphere Therapy


It depends on the clients moods and needs as to what spheres to use. For example if the client has nerve problems I would use the Rutilated quartz or if it was an energy boost that was required the Golden Calcite would be put to work. If it was a spiritual block then perhaps the Labradorite would be used and if it was a bone disease or cellular mutating type disease, then the Rainbow Fluorite would be pressed into service.

The general reaction is contented sighing as these beautiful tools are utilized It has an effect of a more physical type off massage, especially if a combination of spheres are used. I use my hand as a claw keeping my fingers bent I move my hand and the sphere will happily roll along underneath. You can roll the sphere in tight circles to relieve muscular tension that may have built up in specific areas.

The cost of the spheres are not necessarily high as you can get ones carved from onyx marble made in Mexico or Pakistan for very reasonable prices (US$15) The cost does not reflect the effectiveness of the sphere. Look for one that rolls freely and controllably under your hand. I also visualize the colors of the spheres going right through the client. These are some methods of mine with spheres, What can you come up with? they are a lot of fun to work with, so enjoy.

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