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Tibetan Quartz

Tibetan quartz is gathered by hand at high altitude in the Himalayas and bought down the mountains via back pack. This gentle process can be felt within the crystals energy. Though the crystals existed long before human kind, the spiritual influence through centuries of of meditation by Tibetan monks can certainly be connected with via these tools of light.

Tibetan Quartz often has Black Carbon and or Hematite inclusions. Enhydro and Double Terminated crystals are also quite prevalent from this region.

Tibetan Quartz is very beneficial in helping one escape previously perceived limitations. These crystals help one to come to terms with living as best as one can having been incarnated within a heavily imposed overbearing set of rules, while still being able to stay true to ones beliefs and convictions. This energy goes way beyond the geographical cultural and political energies that currently exist in the region that these crystals have come from. They help all people who feel out of place within the framework we call modern society to realize a large part of their purpose is to help transform human society into a sustainable way of living in balance and harmony with our beautiful loving Earth Mother through a subtle yet powerful shift in human consciousness.