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The information on this page is just a light guideline, it is not the be all and end all on information on this crystal.


Tabular Quartz

Tabular crystals (also referred to as 'tabbies') are at least twice as wide as they are deep. They are the "Communicators". These crystals are willing helpers to facilitate clear and helpful information between two people who may be having communication issues. Place the crystal between the two parties involved to facilitate a greater depth of understanding and empathy for all concerned. They are joyful, playful crystals that can really activate one's funny bone! It is amazing how seemingly unpalatable information can be delivered when wrapped up in humor! Balance and harmony are this crystals forte.

Tabular crystals can be used to charge and clear smaller crystals by placing them on the Tabbies flat sides overnight.

These crystals are also helpful in grounding and merging ones etheric bodies into the physical body to bring together their combined knowledge in a cohesive fashion. Often this information comes in the form of a flash vision, or feeling. To facilitate this process, hold the tabular crystal in your hands, empty your mind as best you can and focus on your breathing. Once you are in a meditative state, or just simply in a calm and relaxed state, ask your question. Do not worry if you do not get your answer right away, as the answer will quite likely come to you in a EUREKA moment later on at a least expected moment when your conscious mind is not so intent on being at the forefront of your being!