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Faden Quartz

The word Faden is from the German language, meaning thread. Though most dealers say these crystals originate in Pakistan, they more often than not come from Afghanistan, or right on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. I guess to some dealers it sounds more politically palatable that way. As these crystals play a very important role in this contentious region, there is no room for the head in the sand approach here at Majestic Quartz!

Though the line running through these crystals could be viewed by some as being divisive or a sign of duality, it is more an indication of the symmetry of life in this amazing universe. In human terms this can be taken as we are we are all one people and are all linked, yet all are individuals contributing to a collective consciousness. This family of individual crystals are also linked, so if one chooses to work with these beautiful crystals in a harmonious and positive matter, that positive energy and intent will be channeled directly back to the crystals still at "home base", thus raising the consciousness in a much needed way for this long troubled region. As Faden Quartz crystals are easily programmed, this is a easy task to do. Just hold one in your hands and think/feel any or all of the following...Synergy, Balance, Communication, Self Healing, Connection, Unity, Love, White Light. Once this has been done, put the crystal/s in a safe place and it's job done!

IMHO, it's much more enlightening to become part of the solution to the woes of humankind than merely being a concerned spectator!

These crystals are very good for working on one self as well, as they are Master Self Healing crystals.