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Chlorite Included Quartz Crystal

Anti Cancer.
Soothing, calming.


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Chlorite Included Quartz Crystal

Physical (for Chlorite only)
is a form of Clay: Hydrous Aluminum
Specific Gravity




Chlorite Included Quartz

This crystal has strong anti cancer properties. In is a very good crystal for physical regeneration, especially as an elixir. It gives one raw usable energy.

It helps us absorb and use the nutrients we take in. The Chlorite itself enables our body to receive and use more efficiently the energy of the Quartz. The Quartz itself amplifies the energy of the Chlorite.

Chlorite Included Quartz helps us to accept ourselves as we are as against what the media portrays the ideal self to be.

Chlorite included Quartz makes a powerful elixir that has all the properties above and much more.

In some cases Chlorite creates phantoms inside the Quartz crystal itself, as the Quartz crystal grows, a layer of chlorite will wash over it, the crystal continues to grow over the top of the chlorite, thus leaving an image of it's self when it was at that phase of it's growth. Sometimes you get multi phantoms. Phantom Quartz are very powerful for getting yourself out of a rut and pushing on with Love and appreciation.

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