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The information on this page is just a light guideline, it is not the be all and end all on information on this crystal.



May be used for psychic surgery.
Focusing of light.


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Further Healing Information on Laserwands

Laserwand Crystals are long and often tapered Quartz crystals. They condense and focus light. They are very powerful light tools indeed!

After reading some books, people may be afraid to even pick them up. I would like to make it clear that they only slice or cut through aura's if that is your focused intent!!!

Laserwand crystals are very flexible tools and may be used in the following ways (amongst many others)

1. To draw out negativity, hold the base on the effected area and visualize the negative energy being drawn out and transferred onto light by the time it passes out the termination, you may also prefer to use a soft receiving stone to receive the negative energy and cleanse it later.

2. Put positive energy into a effected area by holding the Laserwand and moving it in clockwork circles and visualizing white light going into the area.

3. Use them for color therapy...for example, place a colored tumbled or flat cab...say Amethyst on your 3rd eye, then place the base of the Laserwand on the Amethyst and project the Amethyst color using visualization through your 3rd eye, going through the Amethyst then Laser and into the area that needs the purple Amethyst vibration. I find this most useful when recharging chakra's that may not have responded as well as they might during a body layout. It really adds an extra boost. You can combine this with method 2 as well.

4. Attach small laserwands to your fingers via rubber bands and touch them to acupressure points and visualize light passing through them, the advantage of using Laserwands in this fashion is you do not have to wait for the person to breath out as you do in acupressure and you can do multiple points at once.

5. Some Laserwands have singing properties. These are actually harder than normal Quartz crystals, are very tapered and when you gently tap 2 together, make a high pitched "ting" sound. They are also more often than not crusty in appearance, the crustier they are the higher the pitch and vibration seems to be! One way to use them is to hold one pointed towards the body and then gently tap the other on it, move the one pointed towards the body up the body and listen for any changes in pitch, when you reach a blockage you will hear the pitch go dull, stay in that area and tap the other Laser slightly harder and after a few taps you will hear the pitch go higher again as the blockage is released and or cleared, then continue up the body as before.

6, Clear out clogged veins by visualizing a Laserwand passing through them clearing them out. I have used this technique to clear out plastic veins placed in people that have had replacements.

These are just some suggestions I have used with great success, you can if course alter any of the techniques above and come up with completely new ones your selves!